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Pickleball- An Addiction You’ll Never Want To Get Treatment For!


Simi Valley California has become a beacon for Pickleball across the nation.  Pickleball players from around the country migrate to Simi Valley to play in our city’s pickleball tournaments.  The sport has become the fastest growing sport across the U.S.A and its no wonder why.  If you’ve ever picked up a pickleball paddle and shouted 0-0-1, there’s no turning back.  You’re Hooked! 

Pickleball was created in Bainbridge Island, Washington in 1965- with table tennis paddles, a wiffleball and a badminton court.  So where did the name ‘Pickleball’ come from? No, there weren’t any pickles, or cucumbers or kitchens involved.  The name came from the family dog, named Pickles. Pickles, the dog would chase the ball and hide it in the bushes, so ‘Pickles Ball’ was born, and later shortened to Pickleball.

Simi Valley has some of the nicest folks you’ll ever come across and Pickle ball is one of the most fun ways to become a member of the Simi Valley, California Community.   We’ve got some great Pickleball instructors in our community and some great classes offered through the Simi Valley Parks and Recreation Center.

If you haven’t already… learn the game of Pickleball, make a few good friends, play in a Simi Valley Pickleball Tournament, Have Fun, Be Kind and for Pete’s Sake… Stay Out of the Kitchen!

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Where to Play PickleBall in Simi Valley

Simi Valley offers 3 locations for public Pickleball Playing.  Additionally Simi Valley Parks and Recreation offers indoor Pickleball for seniors. See here -> Parks&Rec

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Steve Hise – Simi Community Member 

PickleBall Player – Real Estate Agent

Steve Hise has been a member of the Simi Valley Community since 1991.  He is an avid pickleball player who enjoys working with the community.  Steve is known in the Pickleball community for teaching curious players the game of pickleball, and is also known for teaching experienced players new tips, tricks and skills.  

Steve is also a well respected Real Estate Agent for Simi Valley and the surrounding areas.  He is partnered up with his sister, creating a team of well experienced agents that are known for their expertise, honesty and ethics.  If you’re looking to buy or sell your next home, or if you have any Real Estate questions at all, contact Steve Hise at (805) 433-4983 or visit his site at RealEstateToolbox.com.  Steve and his sister, Tricia are looking forward to working with you

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